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Quantum Charts All Access Pass

From the Desk of Ryan Jones,

Quantum Charts is a REVOLUTIONARY new trading platform that quickly and easily creates trading strategies through a drag and drop process. QC then allows you to auto-trade those systems in your account, hands free.

Here are what some users are saying:

Long Overdue!"
"Quantum Charts is a giant step forward!"
"Sheer amazement
at its simplicity."
"This is the tool I have been waiting for. No other trading tool compares!"
"Very impressive and interesting tool, almost too good to be true."
"Great! Absolutely Great! I would rather spend my time trading than programming!"

When you purchase Quantum Charts, we give you several strategies that you can play around with, edit, customize, or if you want, you could even set them to auto-trade in your account.

These strategies include:

Option Expiration S&P E-mini

Net Profit $21,225.00
Winning % 71.33%
Profit Factor 2.756
Average Trade Profit $141.50
Largest DD ($1,575.00)

HOG Seasonal Trade

Net Profit $40,640.00
Winning % 88.00%
Profit Factor 17.387
Average Trade Profit $1,625.60
Largest DD ($1,240.00)

Old Faithful S&P

Net Profit $149,087.50
Winning % 71.05%
Profit Factor 4.175
Average Trade Profit $980.84
Largest DD ($6,125.00)

Inside Range Bar

Net Profit $119,387.50
Winning % 66.86%
Profit Factor 2.959
Average Trade Profit $706.43
Largest DD ($10,362.50)

When you open these systems, you will see just how easy it is to create and customize systems with Quantum Charts. No programming whatsoever.

Right now, there are dozens of systems available with Quantum Charts. In the next few months, we will be launching QC System Club, which will host all of the systems we make available for Quantum Charts. We will add to the library of strategies available through Quantum Charts every month, providing new ideas, systems, and reports.

QC System Club will be available by an additional subscription at first ($997/year), and then as we continue to build and grow, the systems will be available through individual purchase. For example, 1-year from now, we expect to have over 100 systems available through Quantum Charts ranging from systems traded in stocks, futures and forex. These systems will be trend following, reversal, breakout, short-term, long-term, etc. The diversification available will be incredible.

For those who see the incredible power of Quantum Charts, and the wealth of information and profitable trading systems that will be available through QC System Club, we are offering a very special and very limited.

Quantum Charts All Access Pass

You pay one fee, one time, and you will received Quantum Charts and Full Access to QC System Club for life and you will never have to pay another penny. It is a tremendous opportunity for the serious trader.

In addition, we also provide several other BONUSES as well. Here is everything the Quantum Charts All Access Pass includes:

If you were to purchase everything above, the cost would be over $22,000. At the end of one year, you would have to resubscribe to everything except the database and the trading courses at

With the Quantum Charts All Access Pass you get the QC related products for life and you'll never have to pay another penny. The one-time fee is $4,997, or you can make 12 payments of $497.

This is a very LIMITED offer

This is obviously not a sustainable business model long term. However, we wanted to give our clients who believe in what we are doing from the start a very special opportunity to get involved and be our client and a Quantum Charts user for life.

We have determined that we when we hit 100 Quantum Charts All Access Pass users, this offer will come to an end.

We hope you will join us in our quest to dominate the trading industry with the most practical, valuable, mind-blowing trading tools out there. You won't believe what we have in store for the future.

Ryan Jones

P.S. If you pass up this opportunity, I just want to point out that with all of the trading strategies that will be available through Quantum Charts in a few years, it is only a matter of time before you become a Quantum Charts lover. When that time comes, I have a feeling you will regret not making the investment now.

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