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Quick Start-Up Guide for Quantum Charts 1

Quick Start-Up Guide for Quantum Charts 1.1



  1. Double click on the QC logo on your desktop or in your start menu. Below is what the software will look like on initial open.




  1. When the QC login box opens, paste the login key into the �Login� field.LEAVE THE PASSWORD FIELD BLANK.



  1. With the password field blank, click the �OK� button. It may take up to 1-minute to load.






  1. The area on the left-hand side is called the "Explorer" window.RIGHT click on "Solution Untitled." Click "Add ---> New Scenario."





  1. Type "SP-Day1" in the name field.


  1. Keep the interval at daily.




  1. Click the "Select" button, type in �SP�, and click "Search."





  1. The symbol SP should be at the top and shaded, click �OK.�




  1. Click the �OK� button again.





The first time a chart opens, it may take 60 seconds for the initial data to show up. The picture below is what your completed chart will look like.





  1. Click on any bar in the chart. The bar you clicked will be highlighted in blue.





  1. The �conditions� area below the chart will now display all conditions that are true of the bar selected.



  1. Scroll down the list and click the check box next to the "Next Day is ___� condition.



  1. While your mouse is over that condition, hold down the left-mouse button and drag the condition onto the "Group 1 > And" section of the strategy box.



  1. Click on the condition in the strategy box so that it shades the background blue.




  1. The lower left hand corner of the screen displays a "properties" box.Change the number in the Day section to "1."



  1. On the top, right hand side of the strategy box, there is a check box that reads �Apply?� Click this button.



  1. Now all occurrences of the condition �Day is 1� are highlighted on the chart.




  1. On the far right of the screen there are 3 tabs: �Chart,� �Analysis,� and �Performance.�Click on the "Analysis" tab.




Now you should see the market movement stats for price action on the first calendar day of the month. An example picture is provided below.



For additional tutorials, please visit our web site at and click on the "Support" button; or click here.


If you encounter any difficulty, please feel free to contact us at immediately.


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We appreciate your purchase of Quantum Charts and hope to continue serving you in your market forecasting needs for many years to come.